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The activities of our process design team, based on the original know-how of our experts, include:

  • Thermodynamic modeling
  • Steady-state (and dynamic) process simulation
  • Material and heat balance calculation
  • PFDs (process flow diagrams) conceptual design
  • Process design (preliminary sizing) of critical equipment.

During the last few years, many important thermodynamic models have been developed by FasTech engineers:

Isoprene separation from C5 cut
  • C5 mixture contains alkanes, alkenes, alkynes,
    cyclic compounds and dienes

  • effect of extraction solvent (DMF)
EPDM solution plant
  • reagents: ethylene, propylene and ENB
  • solvent: hexane (technical)
  • water present
  • effect of polymer on polymeric solution properties
EPDM slurry plant
  • suspendant: propane
Nd-BR solution plant
  • reagent: 1,3-butadiene
  • solvent: hexane (technical)
  • by-product: vinylcyclohexene
  • water: present
  • effect of polymer on polymeric solution properties

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